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lirik lagu wifisfuneral – lil jeff hardy :-)


[intro: dj akademiks]
you go to a f-cking concert
you trying to get lit
you’re probably under the influence of some drugs
cause you know what it is, right?
and, basically the motherf-cking rapper whose on stage
does a f-cking cannonball, or some type of swanton bomb
in to your section of the crowd
and n-gg-s giving you a miguel legdrop
he’s kicking you in the neck, he’s kicking you in the face
what the f-ck are you going to do, keep singing along?

[verse: wifisfuneral]
walk up in this b-tch
i’m flexed up
i’m next up
if you shoot, protect your chest bruh
don’t act up
diamonds looking like megaman
i blast off
like d-ck, lil shorty
tell me what it do
might have to check your -ss like a nike swoosh
on my p’s and q’s
smoke a whole ounce to the face
i’m a demon, ooh
you might need me too