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lirik lagu whoissaint – unworthy.


[intro: saint]
feel so f-ckin’ unworthy for this
look at me
out here doing the f-ck you want! (ha)

your dad left home…
and hurt your mom…
and you think he f-cking cares about you!
nah lil homie
talking bout god and sh-t
just shut the f-ck up!

who the f-ck you think you is?!
you lil sinner!
you think god gonna forgive you
when all this… hmm
b-tch feel good, nah brodie!

remember when he saved you?!
but ever since you hit rock bottom
all you do is act like you okay!
are you tho!
are really you worthy, to call yourself a saint?! as you do!
nah just shut the f-ck up
you piece of sh-t!

you tryna be more a star than anything! n0body cares about you at this f-cking point!
n0body sees you worthy not even god!

[introlude: god]
stop this highspeed chasin’
then we’ll talk
then we’ll talk…