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lirik lagu white shoes the couples company – brother john


brother johnny won’t you tell me something
’bout a letter without a name,
it has no words inside, just empty,
don’t know where this letter came.

the mistery behind it all,
why i feel i’ve been here before,
i wonder what it meant by now all i want
to do is call… (you)

make my self clearly & wise,
to take my indulge or selfish action,
my life became an introspection,
i take that as my conclusion.

may i take this case as a complimentry
of my easy way to get over it,
i cant think better way to get through it,
it’s impossible to fake it.

god d-mn what is it mean,
i don’t like playing
won’t you tell me something ’bout it
h-ll! it has no writing.