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lirik lagu wendy g e.d.m – rage


rage, rage

rage of everything
rage of her and him
rage of lives and dies
rage of truth and lies
rage ´cause i can´t shout

rage of you and me
rage of earth racism
rage of transphobia
rage of animal abuse
rage ´cause i can´t be a star
rage, rage
rage, rage

soul taker, soul taker, soul taker

rage for my sick cat
rage of tv news
rage of politicians
rage cause i don´t konw who i am
rage of rage of me

rage of stupid wars. (rage, rage, rage, rage)
rage of my suitetcases
rage of fear
rage of tears
rage ´cause i don´t know where i am

rage, rage
rage of selfish people

soul taker, soul taker
soul taker, soul taker

rage ´cause i can´t shout