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lirik lagu vivziepop – oh millie


[verse 1: richard steven horvitz]
oh, what a thrill
when the crimson starts to spill
and my millie goes in for the k!ll
she takes away my breath
she’s the angel of death
for me
oh millie

[verse 2: richard steven horvitz]
she’s my queen
it’s like a dream
when i hear her victims start to scream
in and outta the sack
she’s the ma-aniac for me
oh millie

[verse 3: richard steven horvitz and erica lindbeck]
when the blood starts drippin’ down the walls
(drip, drip, drip)
and the bodies start to fall
my heart skips a beat
when my millie’s guns a-blazing in the heat
(bang, bang, bang!)
my -ss-ssin love
she makes the murderin’ fun
for me
oh la da dee

[verse 4: richard steven horvitz and erica lindbeck]
of all the imps in h-ll
it’s for her that i fell
(it’s for him that i fell)
oh millie