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lirik lagu verse – overdose


this song is for anyone who’ve faced a lot of sh-t in his life
or f-cked up childhood or broken dreams
just never lose hope
and fight against any motherf-cker who ever tried to put you down
f-ck them all!

[verse #1]

10 years back from now he was only a kid
he was fighting up with the things all alone
his own family members never understand him
he’s been treated like sh-t
tried to fit into this pit
but he was bit weird that’s why he tasted these tears
tried to conquer his greatest fears
he never had no friends
his pen was his only best friend
and he was writing at the same time
his girl was cheating him with another man
what another man!
he was his own best friend
and his life started becoming a wreckage
when he saw his grandfather dying on a hospital bed
he looked at him very last time with the tears in his eyes
and the minute later he died
he knew that he p-ssed
but his brain don’t accepts his death
he cried and he wept
and there’s nothing he had left
he did his best to reject everything
but you can’t get rid off the facts
he was growing up in circ-mstances
losing up hopes & chances
he started hating his own life
because of all the pain he had felt
even the rocks started to melt, after listening to the sh-t
he had dealt

you might care if i tell you the story i’m telling you is truth
this ain’t no fairy tale , these are the worst nightmares
i’ve been through

[verse #2]

5 years later when i was walking back home with my cl-ss fellow
a group of seniors p-ssed by , i lower my eyes oh
i was the kid dealing with troubles at the age of playing with the bubbles
situation got sticky
then they started surrounding us, and i somehow made a narrow sp-ce
just so that my fellow mate could escape
and when he ran away they surrounded me
stopped me in my place, and then i started seeing
all the familiar faces
they grabbed me,trapped me, caught me, pushed me down
punches on my face
kicks into the stomach, and into my ribs and my kidneys
i was almost paralyzed there on the ground, just trying to breathe
and what happened next you won’t believe
i see people. the come
they see me, they leave
parents students teachers were there
they were lookin’ at me;
but i still remember them leave
i was there laying on the ground bleeding and weep-ing
trying to breathe
but ain’t n-body was there to wipe the tears off my cheeks
an hour later police reached there asking me “what happened kid?”
i started to beef “what the f-ck you could do for me b-tch”
they put me into their jeep
i was only 16 when i went to jail
(16 years old another victim)
everytime i tried to succeed i failed
a day later when i came out from there
a different person, a different personality
i was full of hate. it was like im gonna change my fate for ever
i was a kid but clever so i picked up the pen and paper
sweaty hands, baggy pant i made myself to rap
started screaming f-ck them haters back
now im here
& i found my way through the h-ll
its life its never never play fair
here the life goes , when he got overdose by his own sorrows