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lirik lagu veggie tales – rock on larry


(bad apple) once i’m finished with him
i’ll be the one in control! (evil laughing)
(larryboy) not so fast bad apple
(bad apple) first b-mbleburg, then the world!
(larryboy) it’s apple picking time
(shux) an ordinary citizin by day
changing suits when danger comes our way
our vigilant defender and our friend
protecting us from villians to the end

there’s no hero quite like larryboy
larry boy
rock on larryboy!

(larryboy) alfred, come in, alfred
we’ve got to hurry!
(shux) when trouble brings the city to its knees
everyone in b-mbleburg agrees
light the signal rise and sound the call
and larryboy will come save us all

(chorus) x2

(larryboy speaking) whenever there’s trouble
i’ll be there
whenever a helpless vegetable calls out
i will answer
evil doers beware!
you are no match to the awesome power of larryboy
and his super suction ears!


(larryboy spoken)
the world needs a hero!
i- am- that hero!