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lirik lagu unotheactivist – sad truth – niggas fu


n-gg-s fu, money is the different picture, me and you
i don’t know what did i see in you
turned your back on me i can’t believe you
now i’m thinkin’ i should leave you
wouldn’t wanna be or see you
b-tch i been on some pre-school
why the f-ck you think i need you
i won’t trust these n-gg-s no more
i remember when i used to feed you
my enemy, was your enemy too
where the f-ck the turn done lead to?
first i turned 16 then i went and bought a gun
my partner called for green now he out here on the run
and i still finesse for lean, chargin’ 50 for the ‘tuss
all these girls aye, where the drug, where the drug
you can’t see my drugs
look at us, i can’t trust you
thought you were my blood, not my blood
feelin’ like you up and i’m stuck
partially the reason why i’m so stuck up
i guess it is just tough luck
i remember when the road wasn’t roughed up
remember when my partner chose ’em
thought you was my partner, d-mn how could you fold on me
all that ice up on my neck i think my neck swollen
you would think you had some ice the way that n-gg- froze up
and i swear these n-gg- wanna settlement
i can’t have no hoes up in my regiment
6-2 pump will leave that n-gg- wit’ no leg-iments
i just came back, think i’m going to h-ll again
and i’m swipin’ if you leave your notes open
i just popped a perc now i’m floatin’
rollie disappear like hocus pocus
b-tch i jus’ had kicked you out, here’s your notice
all these n-gg- actin’ like they bein’ friend
midget man, i’ma be the bigger man
cooler than the ceiling fan
say she like her molly wit’ a little tan
she like uno go and hit your dance
i don’t hit no dance, i’m just here for bands
i remember n-gg-s wanna call you friends
how you n-gg-s bittin’ on a feeding hand
wanna know what i’ve been doin’ lately
man i’m starting to think that you hate me
n-gg- runnin’ up, bullets screaming made it
when you feel it in your spine and your curious
i don’t know why these lil’ n-gg- gon’ betray me
you didn’t enter why you cannot escape me
gotta keep my gr-ss cut, n-gg-s sneak
n-gg-s fu, n-gg-s fu