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lirik lagu unappreciated – hush lil baby…


y’all favorite unappreciated rapper…

-clear throat-

[verse 1]
godd-mn my n-gg-
that lady put that girl through so much h-ll
she wanna runaway to daddy
but daddy’s all the way in jail
he calls her up every night
making her laugh with all the funny stories he tells
it’s a d-mn shame that she’s hugging on her daddy from a jail cell
“i want my daddy home” as she toss the coin in the wishing well
she always get excited whenever his letters comes in the mail
he told her
to be careful with these boys
cause they do nothing but kiss and tell
he said, “promise me
you’ll always aim for success
and never aim to fail”

[hook x2]
he said…
hush little baby don’t you cry
baby girl just look up in the sky
i already told ya
that daddy is a solider
i’m always here to hold ya