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lirik lagu $uicideboy$ – st. bernard


it’s that $carecrow $hawty creeping underneath your bed
narcotics in my body, all i see is blood red
that skitzo serial killer
that hand gun under your pillow
miserable drug dealer
or that codeine laced ‘rilla
triple 6 degrees
hangin’ from a tree
smoking gasoline
it’s that $uicidal king
i done f-cked that b-tch you with
i done sliced both of my wrist
emptying out the clip

riding with the crosses flipped
demons smoke my weed and start to cough and sh-t
diamonds on my claws no i ain’t pausing sh-t
black shade need a black flame
back from the black plague
ash tray made out of black suede
get the f-ck back
back away
slash and dash then its back to the cave
ashin’ cash then i pack up the grave
black lipstick left a smack on the face
rags to riches give a f-ck about the fame