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lirik lagu ugk – inl’l players anthem


hypnotize minds, ugk!
three 6 mafia, another cl-ssic baby
put some south in your mouth

it’s goin down, what

sweet jones
my b-tch a choosy lover, never f-ck without a rubber
never in the sheets, like it on top of the cover
money on the dresser, drive a kompressor
top notch hoes get the most, not the lesser
trash like to f-ck for $40 in the club
f-ckin’ up the game, b-tch ya gets no love
she be cross-country, givin’ all that she got
a thousand a pop, i’m pullin’ bentleys off the lot
i smashed up the gray one, bought me a red
every time we hit the parking lot, we turn head
some hoes wanna choose but them b-tches too scary
your b-tch chose me, you ain’t a pimp, you a fairy

ohh, ohh, i choose you girl, yeah…

baby you been rollin solo, time to get down with the team
the gr-ss is greener on that other side if you know what i mean
i show you sh-t you never seen, the seven wonders of the world (world)
and i can make you the eighth if you wanna be my girl (girl)
when i say my girl, i don’t mean my woman, that ain’t my style
need a real street stalker (stalker) to walk a green mile (mile)
we pilin’ up the paper on the dinin’ room table
’cause you able to realize i’m the truth and not a fable (fable)
we rock the freshest sable, keep that ‘chilla on the rack
what i look like with some thousand dollar sh-t up on my back?
i’m a million dollar mac that need a billion dollar b-tch
put my pimpin’ in your life, watch your daddy get rich
easy as a-b-c, simple as 1-2-3
get down with ugk, pimp c, b-u-n b
’cause what’s a ho with no pimp?
and what’s a pimp with no hoes?
don’t be a lame, you know the game and how it goes
we tryna get chose

ohh, ohh, i choose you girl, yeah

now when they heard who in the club dj paul, b-tches chosen up
when they see i’m icy like a slush, then they frozen up
like my homie project pat, we keep them cups raising up
snizzow flizzake is off in my dollar, gotta nose it up
i dial drink by the liters, i’m a drinker ho
ya swore you doin’ it like me? you’s a thinker ho
what you thinkin bro? need to get your money way up
ugk and three 6 mafia got your girl trained up

i’m still trappin in h-ll, my pockets on swell
the number one d-boy, mr. fishscale
i don’t f-ck around with snitches who tell
put holes in your brain, leave bodies to smell
i’m out here gettin’ paid, ain’t got time for jail
i paid off the judges, the juries, the sheriff
you know it’s the juice-man, never will fail
i’m still sippin’ syrup, slow motion like snails

ohh, ohh i choose you girl, yeah
ahh, i choose you baby…