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lirik lagu twocupkaii – ++minute


i f~cked dat b~tch onna couch

she loved every minute

soon as we mask up

yk dey went missing

yeah i’m the best in the wit this shii

& they no i ain trippin

next n~gga play crazy go missin

we gon wet em up like the dishes

i ain inna streets

i’m onna sidewalk b~tch

countin all the money off dis clothing shii

i protect my life so no i won’t miss

gotta green beam, glock 2,3 wit a switch

i can pyo to the racks i got all the drip


i can pyo to the cash n keep makin it flip

(d~mn, d~mn )

i got all the sauce n the methods come get wit me
ion got em, mikey got em

but i still can get plenty

(yeah, yeah)

i’m really made from the underground

b~tch i’m litty