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lirik lagu twista – yellow light


“yellow light”

hey hey heeeyy hey.
hey! hey!
sometimes i go fast
sometimes i just stop
sometimes i take it slow, when i let the s-x drop
but most of the times i go qu qu qu qu quick
when i’m hittin that sh-t, and she like it, she like it
but tonight she said she dident want to go too fast,
and tonight she said she want me to take my time
so, i took her down and asked her if she liked that, and she say h-ll yea
then i started to hit it from the back said its cool and she said h-ll yea.
she said ohh baby just take controll baby as long as you take it slow baby
and we can hit it all night baby
she gave me the green so i had to go
start screamin my name on the window
and everytime i start goin real fast, she looked at me and said

yellow light
yellow light
yellow light
yellow light
gota slow it down
yellow light
yellow light
yellow light
gota slow it down

i told her that i want to beat it up fast
so mama let me know when your down
tonight she dont want a drill section
she wanna feel it so she told me to take it sloww
im so used to mackin it pokin it back to back
when i attackin it i wanna go n get inn
she blew the whistle like -whistle- be still
hold it in now roll it in
she lifted her pumps to hold my face
because she want me to control my pace
she said she wanna feel it all
slidin through the wiffles of the walls
cause the feelin was too cold to wait.
well i can bring it
down to 50
down to 40
down to 30
any speed you want me to
i can do, for you.
shorty tell me how you want it
do you want the lambo?
i give it to you like uhuhuhuhuh
when i do it baby.
or do you want the 64?
i give it you you like uh uh
when i do it baby
now i was thinkin i was all up in it right
but now she got me caught up at the light
i try to call it like
green too fast
red too slow
she want it in the middle so i gotta
yellow light.