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lirik lagu tv’s kyle – i don’t wanna do this anymore


i don’t wanna be here or do this anymore
i don’t wanna do that again
i know it’s painful. i’ve done that before
and i don’t wanna do this anymore

i don’t want to ask the super
to replace my lights
he’ll think i’m whiney and see my messy room
and it’ll turn into a fight
he’ll slap me senseless and then he’ll tell me
that i must move out
i’ll be homeless and be forced
to sleep out with the trout
i know that seems wild but when i was a child momma told me ” better safe than sorry”
so i will never ever ever take any risks and then i’ll never have to worry

unless something happens that’s out of my control and then i’ll really be screwed
but until that happens i’ll avoid confrontation so i don’t get beat up by some dude

i don’t wanna write that letter to my friend who i haven’t seen in years
i haven’t contacted them in a long time and she’s gonna think that’s weird
she’ll get really mad that it’s been so long and she’ll fly overseas
she’ll come to my place and feign friendliness then beat the cr~p outta me