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lirik lagu triple 6 mafia – lock down


yeah you know what im sayin, these lil flodgin -ss n-gg-s
come down on the lower level actin like they hard.
bring that sh-t to the floor n-gg-, got 4 mo m-th-f-ckin days n-gg-
off the street -ss punk! yaint bout sh-t n-gg-!
go get yo -ss delt with b-tch!
n-gg- gone get yo muf-ckin -ss put in a piledriver n-gg-.
you cant f-ck wit dis pimp n-gg- (vrroom vrroom vroom)
bring it to the floor m-th-f-cka
don’t get yo -ss put into a muh f-ckin piledriver like i said aaaaa
[juicy j]

it started out into a one lock down
waitin to use the f-ckin phone
me and paul in a hopeless cell
waitin to get a f-ckin bell
some people think 2 on 1 is just a place for cops and robbers
n-gg-s still smokin weed constantly, p-ssing dollars
mase in yo face when it’s time to get buckwild
’cause lawyer fees are high as h-ll
payin these can’t even help my trial
so while i’m thinkin to myself
a n-gg- walked right up to me
lookin me up and down wit a frown
smellin like a bottle of crown
’cause this hoe gone make me make the news
for shankin n-gg-s in the neck
but i dont give a f-ck
whippin guns and takin shoes
he threw up a gang sign
i turned my back didnt pay em no mind
he threw it up another time
and when i looked around again
i said yo whats up fool
is there somethin that your trying to proove
i aint wit that gang sh-t
he smiled and fired up a kool
walked a little closer to me
i’ma pull them dreds up outta his head
he didnt show no violent act
but in a low tone this is what he said

killa, killa, whatcha gonna do
on the 34th floor they got them g’s claimin true
get blessed in the red, i get blessed in the blue

so whatcha gonna do, young killa
ya gotta have somebody watchin somebody else
and them watchin somebody too
while you watchin everybody
’cause they -ss is out to get you
no matter if you
in the dope game
or the rap game
or what situation
you hear my friend
there is no such thing as a f-ckin friend
mabey you got to get them secretly
they out to get you
cant no love be in yo heart
by the way f-ck these hoes too
you know they just as devious as ni-gga-ros
that ho don’t love yo -ss
and fool if you was broke she’d blow like smoke
and f-ck these police -ss n-gg-s, snitches pull the sword
stab you in ya back for a m-th-f-ckin re-ward
junky m-th-f-ckers sittin down at the precinct
on the realla man, this game is so filthy
lookin at pictures trying to d-mnify a n-gg-
and everybody guilty, n-gg-s talkin trilly
so keep next to clip see
’cause f-ckin wit n-gg-s you will end up in the state pen
man trust is somethin that i never had much faith in


[dj paul]
they said somebody done dropped the time that these
yeah, aww sh-t they tryna blues up on my candy
playa hatas can stand me
and now my burbons on the record at about eleven
in the back of the car, im hope’n i see tha 9-7-11
45 they done brought that dog
i heard a roomer that d-mn hound done found my stash
me and crunchy eye to eye while chris be snuffin in dro
fo i done had for juice a blow
and a infa red on my 40 and a glock
this sh-t was foolin around for while but now it ain’t so fun
aww f-ck, we on our way to da do someone
but little do they know ben’s made friends
i had to spend plenty of em
but we ain’t seein no payin at least this sh-t

[gangsta boo]
n-gg- let me ask you are you really down wit yo game
or when you get locked up do that sh-t change
now i’m comin real, tryna know the deal
bout you killas, are you just them shiesty n-gg-s
that hang around drug dealers
when yo -ss be locked up
ho, do you be like doin ch-r-s
for so c-ckin that you in
like vds and bite lures
let this lady kick some knowledge
for n-gg-s thats full of flodgin
its garuanteed to get f-cked up
by the real bosses killa killa killa
whatcha gonna do, is yo color red or blue
you f-cked up, you gonna get stuck up because you ain’t true
now yo -ss done bought a one way ticket to a burnin h-ll
for that simple reason, found you shakin, bleedin, in yo cell

yeah for you n-gg-s that’s thinkin that 2 on 1 is a joke
you m-th-f-ckas (watch you back n-gg-)
(a m-th-f-ckin game)
a n-gg- need to work that trunk ho
rock man, rock man let me get some rock man
(rock man p-ss the m-th-f-ckin kool-aid b-tch