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lirik lagu tracey thorn – face


saw your page, lovely new life
lots of likes, lovely new wife
on my phone, you’re in my home

i’m on my own, in monochrome
i wanna put you behind me, i wanna put you to bed

wait, what was i thinking?
oh what have i said?
is that me or freud talking?
or me on wine?
i shouldn’t be clicking,
on your new valentine
i shouldn’t be lurking, but look here i am

giving into temptation, not giving a d-mn
if i just keep refreshing, maybe you’ll disappear
if i just make you jealous, then you’ll wish you were here
baby look at the time now, i should just go to bed,
it’s send or delete now, on all that i’ve said
i’m closing your page now, are you looking at mine

do you scroll through my photos,
just to check that i’m fine
with a casual disinterest,
or a trace of regret
or stabbed through your heart,
when you think how we met
if i just knew for certain.
that you weren’t having fun
i could bring down the curtain,
it would prove that i won

but your face is in my face
and you’re all over the place
i’m lost without a trace
and your face is in my face
i wish you’d vanish without a trace
but your life is all over the place
and your face is in my face
your face is in my face
it’s in my face
in my face
in my face, oh