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lirik lagu tormance – less pride


-ssuming life is what you call it what do you think happens after
where do you think we go when there’s no more time for laughter
or sadness or sinning, is it different when you blast em
do they go somewhere else and is there’s any coming back from
whatever it is, god’s maps or just the void
can i make a difference depending on what i do with my voice
on to the next life is it chosen whether girl or boy
can i influence my continuing, is it by fate or choice
can i break the cycle is there a trial after or while i’m
still on planet earth goddammit i wanna smile
all along my way to the grave and any path that i make
or am forced to take until my body breaks
do we bring memories with us or leave them behind in our wake
will i see god ready to greet me standing waiting at the gate
with a fleet of virgins conceived to serve me for eternity
will he ask me for council will he even say a word to me

i’m not sure, but i feel like it’s coming
don’t want my family to weep but i guess that we’ll see
right now i’m living in the past present and future
i guess i can’t complain cuz i got somewhere to be

so quit my whining should decide if i get burned or buried
could rely on testimony of buddha, jesus, or jerry
i’ll see ya, i’m out, now or later could be before the day’s done
tell jason or freddy that i’ll meet em at the station
get a one way ticket off to the hospital
dispose of my quick cuz corpses stink and so do rotten souls
begging “no, no, please don’t” but everybody goes
so just chill, till the next episode

i made this song as slow as sh-t cuz that’s how my days are going by
i decide to walk out side just to clear my head and p-ss the time
it’s better than grinding my teeth on my going to work drive
but fortunately i prefer night for this, there’s less eyes pried