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lirik lagu tommy james the shondells – crystal blue persuasion


look over yonder
what do you see?
the sun is a’rising
most definitely

a new day is coming, ooh, ooh
people are changing
ain’t it beautiful, ooh, ooh
crystal blue persuasion

better get ready
to see the light
love, love is the answer, ooh ooh
and that’s all right

so don’t you give up now, ooh ooh
so easy to find
just look to your soul
and open your mind

crystal blue persuasion, mmm, mmm
it’s a new vibration
crystal blue persuasion
crystal blue persuasion

maybe tomorrow
when he looks down
on every green field, ooh ooh
and every town

all of his children
and every nation
they’ll be peace and good brotherhood
crystal blue persuasion, yeah

crystal blue persuasion, aha
crystal blue persuasion, aha
crystal blue persuasion, aha