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lirik lagu tjxxy – detachments


find out
different thing i had to find out
took about a year to get you off my mind now
had a couple lessons that i had to find out
find out
so i’m sorry
and hope you know it now
we were so young but now we’re growing up
i’ve seen you naked
why you showing out?
hold it now babe
we were close enough
‘member f~cking on you in the shower
had it all but the it all went south (ah)

letting go of connection
i know that you had to go you weren’t flexing
baby we were going different directions
you do you babe i don’t have no objections
letting go of connеction
you won’t have me on my phone stеady vexing (yeah)
letting go of connection
you do you babe i don’t have no objection (ah)
face it
we ain’t meant to be and that’s just basic
can’t change it
but if you say you love me then don’t change it



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