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lirik lagu thugga massina – bless my heart (outro)


[verse 1]
this is the season finale
all of the peaks and the valleys
walked through ‘em reeking of cali
used to sell trees in the alley
i hope you’re keeping a tally
i seen it all
had my back against the wall like i’m posting up john
follow the hype, come take a look at my life, this should be fun
since 21, i’ve been on the run
not from the cops and not from no opps
but from these demons i got from my pops
in my ear screaming, i wish they would stop
some critics say i be singing a lot
until i die, don’t put me in a box
it means a lot when people reach out to mе
don’t need a lot, just tell me you’re proud of mе
such a dichotomy, i smoke a lot of weed
to keep the pain away, i ain’t ashamed to say
i take it day to day ‘til the curtains close and i fade to gray
or as jay would say, ‘til i fade to black
i’m okay with that, all these heinous acts i’ve committed
what they say on tracks, i done did it
let’s put the bars aside for a minute

bless my heart
i gave these b~tches my heart
i thought n~ggas was my dawgs
now it’s tearing me apart
man bless my heart
i’m just trying to leave my mark
while they point out all my flaws
i’m sensitive bout my art
man bless my ~
[verse 2]
heart dropped like owen
when she said that she was going
i was at a lower state than hawaii, i feel like the devil be knowing
my debt was growing and sh~t wasn’t stable
now he on top like the periodic table
i can see og down at the bottom
tell him that i got him when i llc the label
million in 4 months, must suck to be hater
cinnamon toast crunch, they couldn’t see the flavor
b~tch ass labels told me to be patient
but f~ck y’all tips, i could never be a waiter
imma go get it, gotta put on for my city
i’m the n~gga they chose
from the trenches, i rose
as my eminence grows
bless my heart

lord can you bless my poor heart
and bless my soul
these long dark roads
they sure get cold
lord can you bless my poor heart
and bless my soul
these long dark roads
they sure get cold