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lirik lagu the rodentz – gloria


[intro: cno evil (li-mouse)]
you f-cking b-tch -ss marble madness, bubble bobble
(candy -ss, bubble bobble, excitebike, gunstar heroes)
dig dug, super ghosts & goblins, excitebike, yeah, yeah
final fantasy: mystic quest, final fight (fight fight)
you f-cking nes, dungeons & dragons (spy hunter, spy hunter)
spy hunter, spy hunter

[cno evil]
at first i was afraid, i was petrified
kept thinking i could never live without by my side (oh sh-t)
but then i spent so many nights, thinking how you did me wrong
and i grew strong, and i learned how to get along (yeah)
played back tracks of gloria g-ynor songs (yeah)
“i will survive” the inspiration, to what i’m writing on (uh)
but now i’m moving on, right after i moved out (uh-huh)
pack my bags fast, got the f-ck out the house (the house?) mouse…

last time i had a problem, with just one
tables turned back, but yo, i ain’t done (you ain’t done)
aiyo, you wanna turn your back on me? (what?)
fine then, you can wait a week or two, you’ll see (you’ll see)
if you dumb enough to go with that snitch
you ain’t smart enough to be with me, b-tch
you know what, i ain’t going like that (nah, kid)
i was just dumb, falling for that cheese in the trap

[cno evil]
flashbacks of how i first met you; beautiful
your name’s tattooed on your arm, so i couldn’t even ask you
i felt stupid, looked at you, struck by cupid
my heart pumps blood to my hand, but i can’t move it
it’s like a movie score, bumping that music
my mind was out of this time, so i could lose it
abuse it, my love, i tried to use it
can’t be accountable for my actions, excuse it

but look what i did, i done wasted my breath
you were cool at first, but now i laid it to rest
no, i’m no quitter, and i’m not bitter
i’d rather be alone, then a f-cking babysitter
you always crying to me, about your boyfriend did
i told you four hundred times, just to get rid
bids, went down on the table
we was all sitting, betting on how you’ll never be able

[cno evil]
done seduced the kid, cuz he reduced to kiss
on top of him, whoa, whoa, whoa, you confused me, miss
oh no, ho, you done the same to the next man
gotta admit, the thought of you cause an erection
but f-ck that, you cheating, lying, sleazy, wh0r-
you the dog’s bark, you the lion’s roar
the more you talk, the more you walk
you need to sit your -ss down like rosa parks

aiyo, to move up, i would of done anything with you
i would of stuck with you, like crazy glue
but what the f-ck, did you do? (i don’t know)
and what the f-ck, did you do with who? (i don’t know!)
ignoring me was the worse choice ever
i admit, calling me every night was mad clever
i’m ready to throw you back like turtles and shredder (cowabunga)
whatever, heads in the guillotine, pull the lever

[cno evil]
park that car, mouse, in your garage, mouse
watch how these guys keep looking down her blouse
disgrace to look at her face, what an embarrasment
the b-tch now talking about har-ssment
female coming out, with her -ss and t-tties hanging out
then guys hit on them, and they wonder what it’s all about?
come on, don’t you got a mirror?
come nearer, look at it clearer