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lirik lagu the national – so far, so fast


lay down in the doorway
in front of me
make yourself impossible
from italy

i remember a kid in the water
i remember a world on fire
i was just coming out of it
it was so hot all summer

i get so far, so fast
i get so far, so fast

a storm that blackens
the quiet sea
you went running right into it
away from me

we have friends in good houses
we have kids in the trees
how i have nothing but sleepless nights
about everything?

i get so far, so fast
i get so far, so fast

don’t you know [mumbling] somebody would come and find you
if you don’t know who you are anymore, they will remind you
we don’t see you around here anymore, it’s okay
but i will say your name out loud
and you will be home

there are so many things that drive me crazy
what you think i am, it’s never been me

hearing your voice always saves me
can you get away and talk to me?