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lirik lagu the hoosiers – who said anything (about falling in love)?


“who said anything (about falling in love)?”

i don’t know why you love me like you do,
it’s not like i’m special, special like you.
open your eyes, she’s just been reading lines,
but she’s ever so convincing,
i want to believe her this time.

who said anything about falling love,
lost my mind when i surrendered,
everything to ginf you’re enough.
this is my mistake cos
who said anything about falling in love in
love in love.

someone like you was made to be enjoyed,
but it won’t be by me and that leave me terrified.
i’m coming to terms, i know it didn’t mean a thing,
to you, didn’t man a thing, but it
meant quite a lot to me.
mean too much, i can see.

i know, i know that you’re just being kind, but it’s giving me false hope,
i know, i know that i only need a little, just a little bit of false hope.
i know, i know that i’m only seeing what i what, what i want.

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