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lirik lagu the handsome family – snowball


[verse 1]
snowball could just higher than any horse around
he jumped over a car, he jumped over a cow
and ten spotted ponies, standing on the house

[verse 2]
sometimes he went so high that when he came down
there were flowers on his legs from inside the clouds
but bad children would steal them and sell them downtown

[chorus 1]
snowball, snowball
born in the spring
people say he jumped high enough
to hear the angels sing

[verse 3]
as the years flew by, his legs started to creak
he was fitted with spectacles and new plastic teeth
the crowd still whispered about the glue factory

[verse 4]
one rainy day, he fell while jumping over a bridge
those bad children came running to poke at him with sticks
so he jumped up again, with a scream and a kick

[chorus 2]
snowball, oh, snowball
jumped up to the clouds
people say he jumped so high
he never came down

people say he jumped so high
he never came down