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lirik lagu the bonfire band – just the way you are


come close and let me hold you
believe me when i told you
i never mean to do you any harm
just tell me how you feel
the rambling and the real
the awkward truth, the painful and bizarre
you don’t need to get it right
be as boring as you like
cause i like you just the way you are

yes, you’ve got me on your side
there’s nothing now you need to hide
open up your ragged heart
cause i wanna see you whole
i wanna see inside your soul
every skeleton, and every scar
cause i can see them in your eyes
and i can see through your disguise
i like you just the way you are

i’ve never been impressed
all that much by dress
and i’m not falling for your formal charm
i like the way you sing, the way you dance, the way you swing
but your straight self is prettiest by far
so if you’re making up your face
do it to someone else’s taste
cause i like you just the way you are


i’m not covering my ears
closing up my two seals
i won’t look away and nervously laugh
i won’t stop myself from crying
shy away from the dying
i don’t wanna live if living is by half
no i’m happy just to live in the world the way it is
and i like you just the way you are

i won’t say i just agree
scared you’ll see the real me
just say my lines and play my part
say you look good when you don’t
say we’ll meet up when we won’t
tell little white lies cause the truth’s too hard
when it comes to you and me
i’ll say exactly what i see
cause i like you just the way you are