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lirik lagu the black codex – the judgement of the king


there he comes, the k!ller in the crowd
it must be done: we must stop him now

acting fast, he cuts down the chandelier
which falls upon the man, traps him where he stands

he is here now to avenge the murder of his kin
he has failed and he will face the judgement of the king

(the k!ller, now trapped by the chandelier, reveals his name and the reason for his attempt to slay the king:)

she’s like an angel soaring through the sky
but she’s a world away from me now
what have you done on the rocks, upon that fateful night?
now my sisters’ blood stains your crown!

your accusations are wrongful, though i understand
your kin didn’t die by my hand
she lost her step
we’ll spare you, now run from these lands!
never do come back again

meanwhile, at the borders of the realm
riders dressed in black, looking over the land
then appears the mad realm patrol:

[mad realm patrol]
you’re not welcome here
you must pay the toll with your lives

[leader (of black riders)]:
we are here to catch two criminals
they hide within the corners of the realm

[mad realm patrol]
you’ll face the judgement of the king!

(while the mad realm patrol goes into battle with the black riders, lev and ezio leave the palace and escape the mad realm…)