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lirik lagu the birthday massacre – last daze (funland mix)


take me away from this
give me another dose
i don’t know who to hit
but i sure know where to go
yr hero’s worn and thin
no chance for us to win
we’ve all been fooled into a false ident-ty
come waste away yr last days
sign away yr life today
i don’t need anyone
to show me what we’ve done
eyes open mind is clear
and i can smell yr fear
abort, retry or fail
i just can’t get my fill
nothing left here
but my descent
evry single contribution
just leaves me here wanting more
21st century prost-tution
feed a hunger starve a wh0r-
seemed to have worn out my wings
maybe i should order me a new pair
seemed to have misplaced my things
looking for something that isn’t there
run, move along now
our last days are already here
come sing along now
our song ov everlasting fear
no auto shut off
no emergency brake
time now to make my
last mistake