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lirik lagu thaskull – dreams


aye aye aye
[chorus 1 ]
bad b-tches wanna boo me ( boo,boo)
bad hoes wanna throw me (aye,aye)
f-ck them they are losers (yeah,yeah,yeah)
f-ck them f-ck them they are losers (yeah,yeah)
uh,i’m dreaming to do something
maybe singing
maybe learning
maybe something it can make you feel yeah
but ah sh-t
he think i just wanna lit
oh maybe a little bit
oh you a f-cking sh-t
yeah motherf-cking b-tch
aye,he think i just wanna be a rich
f-ck the money b-tch
f-ck you mummy b-tch
you’re the one who just wanna be a rich
you’re the dump who just wanna be a psycho , b-tch
oh are you thinking
oh over thinking
no,no i think you’re just f-cking watching
yeah,watch me climbing and you’re jumping
of the mountain
of the f-cking mountain !
all my friends are pow-ing
and your friends are screaming
i mean they’re shooting the sky and you’re falling
b-tch , b-tch , b-tch
yeah , yeah ,yeah
aye , aye , aye ,aye
yeah , yeah
[chorus 2 ]
bad b-tches wanna boo me ( aye,aye)
bad hoes wanna throw me (f-ck them)
f-ck them they are losers (yeah,yeah)
f-ck them f-ck them they are losers (yeah)
i wanna make my dreams,dreams,dreams so true
yeah so f-cking true so true
aye,aye so f-cking true yeah
yeah , yeah ,yeah
[verse 2 ]
they said be another thing
but i know from inside that i can’t
aye,its up to you to understand
yeah,i’m telling i’m a dreamer and
can’t be another thing
yeah, you will think that i’m d-mned
are the dreams making me so mad
nah,maybe a little bad
a lot of times desperation said give me your hand
i don’t wanna be so hopeless so f-ck his hand
i was going to that land
to make the dreams so freaking true
but it seems like i’m banned from that land
so do i vanish my dreams into thin air
like a powder sir
who’s you’re talking to
he’s the death oh so near
yeah, i was feeling that
i was sleeping half the day in the house
like i’m f-cking bat
that that made like i’m attracted to the madness yeah
then i said it’s enough need to hunt them down
like they are lions or f-cking bears (yeah,yeah)
i mean just f-ck it
just f-cking f-ck it , f-ck it , f-ck it
just f-cking rock it , rock it , rock it
yeah , yeah
use your flame
you can make it
you can make the f-cking magic (aye,aye)
don’t be bathetic (aye,aye)
aye , yeah
just wake up from the bed to chase them
i did that so f-ck the desperation
don’t give up like a little b-tch
turn on your f-cking switch