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lirik lagu tha joker – b.m.f (rick ross freestyle)


tha joker lyrics

“b.m.f (rick ross freestyle)”

ballin hard gettin 2, 3 jump money.
and next friday hydraulic pump money.
frank luckus dog house find tha stash money.
and if i ever go broke black mask money.
shows all around the world on my ten toes.
65 million views bxtch who u callin local.
corner store 5, 000 in my levis.
u got that sock money guess i got that knee high
freddy krueger baby chasin i’m a flowin terror.
catch me on the beat then you gone need paul bearer.
funeral perception did i forget to minsion.
everywhere they notice me & i ain’t never been on television
smoked a blunt of purp now i’m standin on the roof.
then i smoked another one i wish i had a parachute.
these wacc rappers borin, 106 annoys me.
cuhz i’m so sick enough she had to change the channel for me.
fa sho i’m so po please don’t play me like a hoe.
pistol paccin get it craccin like a gl-ss on the floor.
gettin rich & runnin sh-t & i did it in a white t.
i bet hoe gone feel the fiji everytime she touch me.
i rock the bald fade, you bout as cool as hayes.
and i’m sh-t like i been in the sewer 3 days.
is you gettin money, 2 big thumbs.
ain’t had a job every since i dropped part one.



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