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lirik lagu tfam – thotful


got a snack from a thot i thought that sh-t was thoughtful
b-tch wanna smash and eat but she got caught full
roll me sh-tty blunts again it will end awful
when i’m rollin on your block catch me with the bottle

verse 1:
munchies from the edibles
eat fast food like a cannibal
sitting at the empty booth
order food we finna boof
b-tch don’t talk to me
i don’t have my skinny pop pack
pour me henny from the back
put that ak on my lap
takin over kitchens grub for free
eatin good we eatin food
i don’t feel nice when i’m hungry as a horse
all i want every day is a pizza and some wh-r-s

hook x2

verse 2:
sippin on the potion in talkin like oh sh-t
i just wanna get high go and get some fish fried
roll up in the kitchen let’s bring the f-ckin b-tch in
if he smoke sativa he sent to geneva
in the club with indica tfam in the cut
hit the mini carti and it in the air ghost
if it doesn’t hit then that sh-t thrown at the post
tfam cola in my cup rollin up triple blunts
b-tch i’m like a marth main i wanna hit you with my tip
tfam in your clan tag rep me when you shoot a clip
only smokin leaf and wax i need to keep my mind one
shrooms or ecstasy sometimes let me have my dumb fun
haters wanna take my bread but i will never bake for them
my stove is just for me and all my mothaf-ckin based boys
send me sh-tty beats again and there will be some mayhem
f-ck a rap blog all you post is a noise
all i show is love but f-ck with me and you will be cut
no hulu with my b-tch we only rockin free sm-t
let’s go spend some time get high and eat some healthy free food
maybe some dollar menu sh-t real quick if that’s the mood

hook x2