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lirik lagu synek the goat – heroin overdose


[intro: trezo the pig & synek the goat]
yuh, yuh, uh
yuh, yuh

[verse: synek the goat & trezo the pig]
okay, yuh, uh
i got a glock, yuh
here’s trezo’s addy

yuh, yuh
well, you’re wrong
my address is 7/11 with an rpg~7
yeah, i shoot 7 minors ’cause i’m also 7 (uh)
uh, he shoot minors, yuh
sit back in a recliner, yuh
yeat got a c~ck, uh, it look like my feet, yuh
uh, i got a glock and a rari
i hit a pregnant woman, uh
i had s~x with carti, yuh, yuh, yuh!
uh, he had s~x with carti
i’m baldy, yuh (hahahaha)
(top g!)
uh, yuh, uh, uh
bald like top g, look like walter white
doing meth, yuh, we cookin’ up all night, yuh
i’m in the stu’ with trezo, this motherf~cker don’t know how to rap
he just start to cap
fax! kiki, do you love me?
yeah, hahaha
wait, did he say kkk loves him?
yeah! (huh?)
oh he racist, uh!
yuh, racist dog $hit militia, baby, uh
continue it bro, continue it
i hope my employer doesn’t see this song
i’m just gonna go and rip my f~cking bong, yuh
i’m chinese i got a f~cking gong (he’s~ oh, i will snitch)
yeah! because i will snitch
(oh) he’s a b~tch
oh (hahaha), ooh, yuh
i hate locus
i don’t actually but it’s funny for the song
i love you!
uh, uh~uh
explain your, uh, motivate your words, uh, f~cki~ f~ck
shut the f~ck up
this isn’t a school assignment b~tch
shut the f~ck up!
i will stab you to death
restart the beat, that sh~t was ass