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lirik lagu swordplay – i am not a psychic


i am not a psychic
and this is not your ordinary love song
there wasn’t any sign, it was out of my control
but you’re back into the dirt now, no one could predict this
well, i wish it wasn’t you, and i wish it wasn’t so
i wish it wasn’t all so simple
but it is, and it’s one h-ll of a gut spill
it’s unsettling: unidentified sirens, nullified free will
meting out process, mummified concepts
now death is a couple clocks off
you left us meddling with trivial prizes and an unsurprising loss

i can see the outcome but cannot describe it
i am not a psychic, all i do is sing
i am not a prophet, i am not a king
i am not your third eye, i am not a thing
i’m another man’s strategy in a hobson’s choice
just a bad path, colin jumps off the balcony
but the fact of the matter is this is not the only bad path that’s happening

i see a mundane misery where i get up like it’s nothing
although it’s 5am and every day the same rain keeps coming
nothing to figure out, but at least i got my coffee
i am a one-line drawing, disconnected at the spot where the stencil popped up
as the paper under it suddenly shifted
see me pulling at the lights
in the blood moon, i’m coming for my pension

i am not a psychic
inside of me there’s a byp-ss mechanism, i get triggered often
i am an idiot, i’m running out of options
i’m in the wheat fields cutting off attachments
this honeysuckle tucked up under my tongue cos i’m all outta f-cks
the lunatic is on the gr-ss, and i’m coming up close
as i fumble through my jacket pockets for cash

and there’s not a thing with me but the memory i wear on my brow
it escalated quickly
we were changing, and i’m barely recognizable now
i’m a cleaned-out gallery
nothing of value, i auctioned off all i had to offer
without a thought it took all of me
it threw me on the ground, and it tried to me make me break
the mistake of the century
still in the midst of its making
go on try to stop it, not many would dare
you’ll try another remedy
exacerbated by the thoughts and prayers, it’s all talk
cos modern society is such an unwelcoming place
where it’s frowned upon to walk around with flowers in your hair
and everyone’s an enemy but no one really cares

tell me, there anybody out there? i can settle for the delphic
i’m in need of advice
and i am not a psychic
someone, tell me what’s next but i bet it’s gonna be another crisis
in the dream world, i find myself struggling
to bring into focus another face
now give it to me straight. what’s the right move?
and which is the mistake?

i am not a psychic. i can see the future
but time is moving backwards inside of a computer
i am a computer
everything that’s happened will happen in the future
if it even happens, it’s happening in pieces

someone, tell the processor to delete this or maybe just
print another path this time

it’s a best guess, a window into the past
the past is uncertain. it’s hard to prove it happened
i lost the information
and the past is a fiction except on paper copies
i am not a medium, i do not know what happened
you can take me to the garret and i’ll paint it nice and pretty
but i do not like excitement
i can show you what i mean, i can put in a poem
i can put in a riddle but i still am not a psychic