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lirik lagu sweetjp – red dress


[verse 1]
it’s time to pick it up, it’s time to move on
it’s time to make it right this ain’t a sad song
when the days get long and the nights get long
and the drive take long but your life ain’t long
and the only answer, left is cancer
eternal planter encased in amber
chiefing cigarettes with the velvet dancer
her red dress match my h-ll enamored
grinding on my teeth ’til there’s no enamel
as best friends p-ss like flipping channels
it’s a new back drop and a new bad plot
but a noose that’s not gonna lose its spot
until overwhelming cold can relieve the heat
can the anger in my soul ever leave my feet
to just wander on their own to a different beat
instead i’m rotted to the bone and admit defeat

[sample: reservoir dogs]
f-ck you, f-ck you!
i’m f-cking dying here! i’m f-cking dying!

[verse 2]
i tried to pick it up i tried to move on
i’m a liar no this must be just a sad song
razor wire on my knucks i’m up to do wrong
hate and fire in my guts no one to aim on
two fingers pinch a pink or white one
and lift it in a sting of python
will hit my ribs when it realizes
that this bug inched its way inside us, but
this one ain’t no different than that one
all leave you used up as a napkin
all true, boohoo, this couldn’t happen
to me, not me, shut up with your yapping
swim with the spirits one day bring the cracken
knock over the tower you were cowardly stacking
reach for the sky when you fall wings ain’t flapping
need to get up but your heart barely tapping
and your mind snapping
then the line flattens
say goodbye cap’n
say goodbye cap’n

goodbye, goodbye….