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lirik lagu summer bonnie - footage 14: sexual cyanide:3


[verse: summer bonnie]
eighty~nine elephants delicately meditating in a mellow state
fell to knees and hesitating with a cello~shaped yellow plate
sell s~x like sh~lls, can’t tell what’s best but best will tell
a mess still dwells, suggest you help, lets test the gel
i’ll pet your bells, you let the filling fetch and swell
i bet you’ll set a record for shifting stickers
sticky to sit in my fridge or my skin, its spilled to fl!ckеr
when i get sicker, don’t sit or miss a bit, just feed thе dinner
to me, its my dream of being a fiending winner
i only bleed if it cleans, meaning thing seethes a machine
t~~th deep in seed, need to complete what we believe
is leading to greed, but we preheated this sheet
pleased g~nius, genes from breeds of these
scene steaming as proceeding with glee
gleaming and beaming with teams of demons
read me as cream leaps on ceiling
the things we’re feeling is just a thing i’m dealing

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