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lirik lagu stone gnome – the sieve


too much light
too many noises
too much thought
too many voices
too many parts
too many particles
too many bytes
too many molecules
too much sensation
too much seduction
too much creation
too much destruction
too many fantasies
too many factories
too many human beings
too much tragedy

flowing all around me
a swirling storm of light
glowing sparks surround me
embers in the night
an ancient luminescence has deprived me of my senses
exogenic incandescence
overwhelming my defenses
leaving me totally senseless
i don’t know what to do
so i close my еyes
there’s too much to see
thеre’s too much to hear
there’s too much to feel
everything i feel

so you sift it out
just to hold it together
and you bury your head
hiding from the weather

you’re just a mule in a mine
you think you can see but you’re blind
if you ever come out in the light
you’re gonna lose your f~cking mind

so i climb in a hole (there is another way)
and pull down the blinds (a path is lit before you)
peek out through the hole (too much knowledge destroy you)
a pin pr~ck in my mind (turn and push it away)
in time