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lirik lagu stephen bishop – nora june


nora june
the wind is blowing through the pines
it sounds just like an angel’s cry
so sweet and clear
but it means nothing
when i’m not near

nora june
i saw you out tonight
with someone who’ll never treat you right
and you looked so sad
it made me feel so bad
nora june
but why should i care?
sometimes it’s more than a heart can bare
still i know
i can’t let go
how can i get to you, nora june

long ago
we used to ride our bikes to school
in the summer we’d hang out by the swimming pool
in the southern sun
(my) life had just begun

nora june
even then
behind the freckles on your face
i could always see your beauty and your grace
that silly girl
grew up to be
nora june

but those days…
they couldn’t last
and from (a)your broken home
you grew up too fast
your father’s words
of guilt and shame
always leaving you to blame, nora june
you said we’d be friends for life
but i can’t change what i feel inside
all i have left is my foolish pride…

nora june
i want you to be mine
and i promise you
that you’ll never find
a better man than me
darlin’ can’t you see
nora june