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lirik lagu starlito – antonio montana


antonio montana

i was bout to cop the porsche, had no one to sign for the panamera
still blew half 100 ranks, 4 g’s on that black camero
tell me where to meet, i’m coming with a trashbag
got a pound beside me right now, no hashtag
but if the topic is gwap, well lets chop it up, make it a trend
i’m so high i’m seein double, on a double date wit twins
so dats 4 hoes in dis 4×4, double cup on a double stack
i’m twice as real, u twice as fake so i jus bought anotha strap
told yall i’m throwed off…..
sippin on dat school zone my apologies i dozed off
oh, ok, i’m reloaded
fired my new hoe, she remind me of my old b-tch
the last 2 weeks i made 30 racks, dat reminds me of a whole brick
ive been gettin so much gwap i forgot how to fold it
no sh-t
so many shows they think we got dem bricks
or chino got a shipment in
or elroy hit a lick fo 10
same crew
wonder if you let dat money change you
or numb you, and go to your brain the same why the cocaine do
i hear these little lame dudes sayin the same sh-t knowin it ain’t true
my n-gg-s at half way houses and got bracelets on their ankles
my otha homies in college and i’m sure they feel my pain too
had a dream like dr. king and d-mn, it d-mn near came true
if you order 1 1/2, i might bring 2 wen i came through
we heavy n-gg-! in the lab rite now wit some bad b-tch, some [?] and some drank too
more of a carlito den a tony montana
u might think i’m a handyman how i’m holdin my hammer (r-t-rded)
fly n-gg-, yea i got my pistol
and if any of them p-ss-es think they tough, they more than welcome to die wit you
bullets at yo chest, joe montana
shawty, how the f-ck should i kno? i was in atlanta
after 12, pointed 12 in a 3 liter phantom
got the mids goin for 12, i sold 12 at panarama
mad, now the police hot as ever, i cant stand them
its like money don’t even matter, these n-gg-s shootin over bandanas
the westside is still greivin, matter a fact, the ville greivin
rest in peace lil bo, lil sammie, skeet and thats how ima leave it (gone)