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lirik lagu starjuice – spare keys


no one ever said that things would be easy
i thought that i could catch a break
from sorting through all my feelings
they all say it happens for a reason

but i’m impatient
i don’t want to wait on time to heal
just give me something better, better to feel

fill in the days and k!lling time
running out of ways to distract my mind
i got fears of abandonment
they’re in my ears about why you left

but i’m trying my best
i just can’t seem to let you go
i can’t see the end of the road

and truth be told
i know how the old saying goes
“if you love something let it go”

and i hate that
it is not my, my strong suit
but i’ll do it, i’ll do it, i’ll do it for you
if you must know
i’ll be fine on my own
i can walk this fine ass out of the door
i’ve got tv shows
we’ve got friends with hearts of gold
i’ve got a k!ller band
h~ll i’ve got garage band, yeah
i’ve got so many things, but you are always welcome home
but you are fine on your own
and i am fine on my own
i am fine on my, i will keep trying til i know i am fine on my own