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lirik lagu ssg splurge – warfare freestyle


you can record it
i’ma kinda’ do, i’ma do some lil adlibs on that b~tch too
record all that sh~t
(goop, goop, goop, goop)

yeah, warfare
n~gga play with me he bet’ not touch a hair
walk down sh~t while they standing there
i’ll shoot sh~t up like [?]
i just spent like 15 on a bubble, that b~tch wasn’t even moncler
wolf ain’t scared of no grizzly bear
club, snuck my glizzy in there
goop still be hitting the shows
fast coupes, n~gga keep hitting the curb
huh, i smoke dope then slur my words
my b~tch got plenty curves
crash dummies
don’t make them young n~ggas mad
who said they won’t pull no triggers?
crash dummy
we done got all this cash
the money won’t change my n~ggas
gas money
just go hit me a l!ck then give it right back to a n~gga
look like a tree, yeah son got switches~on~switches
big goop got b~tches~on~b~tches
huh, yeah i’ll switch the switch
uh, yeah and i’ll switch the switch, i own switches
i been buying drip since 16, couldn’t even tell you my ticket
don’t do missin’ with it, yuh
ship them guns from mississippi
when i slide i wanna hear crickets
i wanna focus when i’m on a mission
i’m on that jazz music, huh
that get on your ass music, i’m tripping
yeah my last toolie
you can find all our guns in ditches
like caesar or something
n~gga, i’m like caesar or something
i done dropped a couple fleas this summer
somebody go get the plumber
boy i’m ready to go get some beef or something
somebody better call my momma
they done slammed my patna’
we done cracked they head now n~ggas poppin’
n~ggas’ll still come drop ’em
i’m with gang bangers, fingers locking
i know punk rockers
boy, i’m the biggest prophet, the walking faucet
yeah i’m the walking faucet
n~gga, water fountain
sh~t, walking water fountain