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lirik lagu spookynova – insomnia with


never wander
you’ll be torn asunder
no sudden movements
it can hear everything
in this together
so try to keep it low
you do not want
to see what lies under

not really a
sleeping beauty, are you?
once he wakes up
guessing violence ensues
just gotta hope he
keeps on hitting snooze
you can just leave
why should you refuse?
deep inside the dead of night
you can’t lose sight
of the slumberous beast
only left to fend off his feast
don’t let him be released
for you and i might be his next meal

just came here for the thrill
“a monstrous beast”
yeah i know the drill
nothing but these throughs of despair fill you
but for now
guess i just gotta stay

(silver, boyfriend)

it’s all blurring
my thoughts left, just to be slurring
only one thing on my mind
trying to keep my future kind
i have no mouth and i can’t scream
abiding by god’s plan
yoil from the nightmare
from which i can’t wake!
memories blurred
beyond former recognition
guess that it can be inferred
that you set out without a mission
all of the with the addition
of your mute condition
too much of your own ambition
left you in this damp place to rot!

the path i’ve embarked
deep sorrow in my heart
but it’s all been silenced
i can’t let out any tears
roused to keep you safe
the days turn to months
months then turn to years
time does not matter

not given the choice
to just follow your heart
stripped from your own voice
mentally tears you apart!
yet you stay silent
to not wake the beast
needlessly violent
need for company increased
no one will remember
no one will know my wretched story
my legacy, former glory

(silver, boyfriend)
only mumbled shrieks to fear the rest
i will be remembered
everyone will preach my story
i’m in my prime, in my glory
guest joining my fate
only danger is auditory

my head still spins

(silver, boyfriend)
no one wins
but why not try
deafened by screams
to just find
in my own mind
your purpose?
keep me blind

the fault ain’t mine
to each opportunity that the world shall present to me
to get out of this cage
i decline
just stop making it my problem
i set the stage
promises are far from solemn
he shows his rage
fall to the bottom
hold steady
hold steady
jaws deadly
jaws deadly
can’t say i’m not
can’t say i’m not

don’t stray to far off
it wasn’t always like thus, you know..?
lived in grace
consumed by fog
leaving my trace on the world
but now.. it’s stopped to a halt
taken by the smog
left to surrender to destiny
but i resist
had a past that wasn’t like this, i know
my friends, my family
lived in grace
now you dare not show your face
are they still looking for me
left without a trace of who you once were
or are they joyous?
a sh~ll of what’s now forgotten
subject to torture
awaited from my departure
brought by pure horror
the gap only getting larger
it’s a no~brainer
a weak excuse for a trainer
fate doesn’t come with disclaimers
am i just an entertainer?
no way to defend
succumbed to what i call a friend
yourself from your fateful end
only waiting to meet my end
is there deeper meaning to life?
live through it again
am i solely made to feel strife?
those who control fate can’t allow
i can’t start to drowse
you to break through their solemn vows
keep this circus moving
you continue pushing without
live up in my vows
help from those whom you’re not devout
kid, if you come to sing
so after you wandered about
don’t stop this lullaby
you then came upon this route
the only thing keeping us
you never thought that you would go out
alive is this melody
so you sit here waiting without doubt

all hope removed in an instant
the sweet sound of freedom’s distant
memories now non~existent
how could i show my resistance
when my own persistence
of being the very best
is what caused my to fail nature’s test!

attempts in vain
your fate laid out nice and plain
how did you last through all this pain?
no other choice but to abstain
from the one thing that brought you joy
treated you like a child’s toy
left you here without conclusion

(silver, boyfriend, unkown)
filled you with anger and confusion
if i cannot see the light
then what’s the point in putting up a fight?
you don’t need freedom in sight
to realize the dice of life ain’t
it’s not
drop to your knees
drop to your knees
drop to your knees
beg the gods
beg the gods
beg the gods
“please let me go!”
“please let me go!”
please let me go!
“still have so much to show!”
“still have so much to show!”
still have so much to show!
running out of time to borrow
running out of time to borrow
running out of time to borrow!
time is passing slow
time is passing slow
got no where left to go!
got no where left to go!

never wander
you’ll be torn asunder
yell out for someone
yet there’s no responders
worthless fodder
breathing getting harder
grabbing hold of
any hope i conjure

makes you wonder
when you could go under
stripped from safety
no shelter or bunker
will you last long?
the answer is unsure
maybe someday
salvation will occur

toyed with the sleeping giant
only survived because you were compliant
only trust yourself
the only mistake is reliance
they do not care
simply leave you in despair

poking and prodding the beast
in terms of thrill
this song is the least
but guess i get to have a break
from all the crazy k!llers
maybe it’s because i remained completely

(silver, boyfriend, unkown)