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lirik lagu soneigh wonder – run it back


who dat
soneigh wonder, we striaght
whaddup jeeves whaddup fwea papi
smoke that sh-t

soneigh wonder yea they counted me out
now im getting paper boy, read all about it
goons on the prowl, no dates they’ll take you out
lookin’ like money they look hungry, better watch out

we got run it back, we got run it back
my girl like r&b she ain’t into rap
ridin’ with the heat like my name was pat
if they pull me its concealed please shoot the gat
where im from you can’t pull up in a taurus you’ll look suspicious
i stay outta town like a bounty hunter
f-ck that hoe and dodge that hoe
and i ain’t trying to wife her
you don’t have to call its ok girl usher
if she ain’t bout sh-t then its peace like a buddhist
haters getting mad cause im hot but im cooling
they be like man-he fresh like a big tymer
i whip that bentley like a suicide car bomber
weed potent sh-t smoking like some charcoal
i be stoned all day like a gargoyle
im a do me
f-ck how you feel
i came up in the building they like who that is
soneigh wonder
to who asking
got a chick named chika outta maryland

we gon run it back, we gon run it back
i only smoke weed, i don’t smoke blacks
we gon run it back, we gon run it back
if it ain’t bout the money we ain’t into that

i was hungry no money i was broke
it made me go savage 21 i want the doe
im at ya door like jehovah if you owe me
i used to rock a g-shock no kiss but i rock a rollie
you do what you want when you popping
riding down broward, with the ceiling missing
im just cruising, i’m fly like tails-spin
and i don’t take no sh-t like an rn
yea i hear you talking, w-ssup like martin
pay me in full not a portion no discussion
if i want it i cop like a sutton its nothing
my b-tch super bad, i’m mclovin
shorty want the bill
monica lewinsky
they said i’m too cole like my b-tch big shirley
my hoe ready to go, she gon ride like a derby
she don’t call my phone, only texas like irving
if she ain’t down for a n-gga, i’ll let her go
either you riding for a n-gga, or getting towed
if you’re in my lane, you pay the toll
she might be ya main, but thats my hoe

soneigh wonder