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lirik lagu solike – ltc


[verse: 1]
i be that, i be that, i be that, i be that
i be that business boy
with her toy
stamping with boy
i f~ckin’ flip two coin
pass the foreign
in the h~llcat they roaring
drugs are worth exploring
see what you can make, then pour it
it only mattress cause the f~cking sh~t can scatter and it uh~
[verse: 2]
jason ain’t my motherf~ckin’ real name
then i bust a b~tch back, then i motherf~ckin’ call her names
what’s the pain?
wanna bang?
justice for my razer thing that carving up my mothef~ckin’ skin
wanna it bling, bling, ding, ding
runnin’ from the cops with the ring, ring
shut up you p~ssy, you cut your skin off with some scissor thing
hundreds surrounding me when i come up
some people think i’m blood
mothеrf~cker it’s you who’s dead in the mud