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lirik lagu sol williams – starry girl


i once stumbled upon
a girl made of stars
she shined so bright
i figured she came from mars
her long hair was silver
almond eyes a sliver of gold
yes she may have looked young
but i’m sure she was old


the starry girl stared and i stared back
she asked me, “how come you’re dressed in brown?”
“well, that’s better than black.”
suddenly, with a jump she cried
“you should try red or pink, i think they would suit you!”
but i said, “no no, brown is just fine.”
and starry girl slumped and sighed

then she pеrked with a smile
oh, her t~~th wеre bright too
and she grabbed my hand
and we flew

the starry girl showed me the stars
we sailed past jupiter and mars
together we soared, my heart in my throat
the galaxies around us
forever we’d float, starry girl and i
then i thought
i could be a starry girl too

the next morning, i woke to an empty bed
and i panicked because, starry girl had said
“we’ll be together, forever, i’ll make sure you won’t drown,”
and she told me she’d always stop me, from wearing brown
but starry girl had gone
starry girl had gone
starry girl had gone…