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lirik lagu smoovejée – bounce back


my chain swing

way to the roof

she like man

j really got the juice

if you playing games

i don’t really want it

left her on the couch

in the living room

not rude

but we straight up

and my uber’s here

so come lock the door

it’s friday night

so we stepping out

in some cargos

and some jordan 4s

bro got bread

don’t really show it

got a white tee on a fendi belt

car sick

way the car spins

gotta move fast with a safety belt


i got flow home depot

trust issues got a whole lot of those

ain’t for the team



2s for you

and it’s adios

been real ima say it now

if we talking dubs

i don’t need a deal

slow mo

let me run that baxk

slow mo

let me run it back

like king kong

gotta ima beat my chest

in winter time with a steep tech

and i got her eye

with these grey sweats

way i’m feeling now

yeah we stay blessed

like whew! huh

ima just tryna get my pockets up

if we need gas ima fill it

need a rolls royce

and a bentley truck

tried to do it like im oxycottin n them

tried to tell them they ain’t one of us

fell off for a hot sec

said its wikkid how that kid bounce back

it’s a sport

i need contact and my bros

to hit me with the outlet

swifty when i do it

like that

hit the lane smooth with a bounce

try stop us getting laughed at

if i fell off

i’ll be right back

yah yah