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lirik lagu smokingskul – no get back


i love you smoke

[verse 1: smokingskul]
that n~gga got k!lled, there was no get back
that n~gga a b~tch, i cannot respect that
you want some smoke?, young n~gga bet that
my n~gga a p, throw him and stretch that
i dont’ take losses, this just a setback
if he got a bounty, i’m gon’ collect that

[verse 2: marrgielaa}
man sound broke, man i wonder who said that (hah)
bro got a glock, he gon’ aim where your head at
shoot at your street n~gga, where the feds at
brother just scored, askin’ where the red at
knocked down, where the f~ck is the med at? (boom boom)
walked down on an opp, they for (?)
headshot, boy your brain where the lead at
say he gon’ shoot n~gga, why you said that?

[verse 3: smokingskul]
that n~gga really think that he shootin’
i keep a drac’ on me when im (?)
arp, n~gga came from (?)
i’m out shootin’ n~gga, f~ck recruitin’
smokin’ on (?) he a b~tch
i got these broke n~ggas on my d~ck
got a white plug, he say “get a grip”
g36 make him back flip
[verse 4: marrgielaa]
we still smokin’ justin man that boy a b~tch
fat n~gga, boy you ain’t on sh~t (lame ass)
run to the bag, n~gga then he flipped (uh huh)
glock hit him, make that lil’ n~gga flip (boom)
glock hit him, send him right to the sky
god~mode, b~tch i can’t even die (die)
i pop a perc 30, get me fly (uh)
say he bout it, but we know that he lyin’ (b~tch)

[verse 5: smokingskul]
your b~tch was suckin’ me, like a vacuum
why would i sell guns if i could stack em’
if he got that tech on him, ima hack him
i take a n~gga gun, then i whack him
(?) i ain’t done with your hoe ass
ima catch yo n~gga like some doordash
you live in meadow lakes with your slow ass
where that n~gga at?, don’t ask
dont be surprised when you turn to a pack
mask on, what the f~ck is a vax
i turn the smoke up to the max
fake lil’ n~gga, i heard you a rat
you wifed up a hoe n~gga, why you hide that
my d~ck, you know she gon’ ride that
lie lil’ goofy, i do not like that
i don’t give a f~ck, i’m finna name drop
your b~tch from the county, she hang with the same thots
that is not a pimple, that is a red dot
you really thought you was startin’ to break out
walk in your hood like i want the vaccine
shoppin’ at bape, while you shoppin’ at shein
real n~gga, i was dodging the dean
did this sh~t on my own, i ain’t call for no team
[verse 6: marrgielaa]
uh, i got an ar with a beam (brrr)
he say he sippin’, bullets make him lean (ha)
shoot at his son, saying that i’m mean (nah)
i got red dots, and the green (b~tch)
your brother dont f~ck with you, gotta move out (lil’ n~gga)
oh that’s your wife, well, i’m f~ckin’ your spouse (b~tch!)
just like a lightbulb in your house (ugh)
say he gon’ fight but he runnin’ out (brrr)

[outro: marrgielaa]