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lirik lagu skrillex & burna boy – sun up*


lyrics from live performance

[verse 1]
up and up, i fly
this is far from the sky
please don’t lose your smile
’til the ocean dry
don’t worry ’bout what them say, can say
don’t let n0body, n0body, n0body come k!ll your vibe
i saw higher [?]
n0body, n0body, n0body can do it like me

[verse 2]
tell ’em “sir, we back again”
[?], i start again
[?] man, i servin’ them
because you’re [?] on a platter
[?], walk again
at that rate, man, you’re off again (hey)

na~na~na~na~na~nother day
na~na~na~na~na~nother day
wake up in the morning, start again
listen when me talkin’ because
it’s another, ‘nother day
na~na~na~na~na~nother day
we should bring it back and start again
[?] me comin’, do it again
(na~na~na~na~na~nother day)
(na~na~na~na~na~nother day)

(i told ya)



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