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lirik lagu silver soulezz - best friend!


best friend!

im going one on one me and my shadow has never won those thoughts of despair
best friend you ever had [x4]
with you from the start lurking from the dark you can’t get rid of him but courage always steps in the way akira akira save me from disgrace falling dark ain’t no pace but someone stands in front you grabs your hand but you back away they say are gonna be okay thats how you know they are best friend you ever had [x4]

oh you walk on a path feeling like you’ll be with each other you exchange numbers but thats tally man sneaking up on you but thats how you think that’s the best friend you ever had best friend crumble slow oh [x8]

then you think its okay you go to each others houses hang out dont give a care in the world but its addiction shadows are lurking but you say f~ck that you keep telling yourself its okay they won’t possibly leave they will stay but things fall apart slowly crumble slow they crumble slowly they crumble slowly b~tch they crumble slowly

you get in a fight with someone no big deal but it only starts off slow you lose the trust you lose the must
your lost but courage still thrusts i can take more open wounds more cuts cuz this is the best friend i’ve ever had oh [x4]

then you fall in despair can’t get up woah deep cuts in your heart revenge sparks burn my dread but you know your already dead you are already dead and you ask yourself what i do to deserve this you punch there face in disappointment f~ck the laws f~ck the court man i wanna get want i wanted but its too late you lost your chance now your drowning in a trance but losers get stitches and winners always be b~tches you tell your self thats the best ive ever had [x5]

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