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lirik lagu (sic)monic – somnambulist


blood of the fallen, a somnambulist wretched and prophetic slaves to the
system who carves out her own eyes with razorblades leaving a blister it takes
form evaporative translucent prisms reflecting they shatter infesting all i see
in a tongue i lace with insanity a phantomous illumination i will never be
painted on the walls with the blood of a paranormal cataclysm i will never see
feed upon the saints and eradicate the elemental sacrificial bones that break
in a dream of isolated ambiance i find myself in cold sweats wide awake cause
i’ve got punctures in my lungs gonna tear me out f-cking rip me out suffocate
disintegrate love will never penetrate these walls i build with my symptoms
conniptions inflictions a slave to my symptoms denial- i’m just fine don’t
touch me clairvoyance- these beings confront me through violence i am
deconstructing my soul by removing my eyes from my skull just to see or feel
something hallucinogenic pathetically craving what k!lls me and destroys the
voice that’s relentlessly echoing carving a vision of what once was, what has
been could be anything but these purple angelic pupils that haunt my dreams
wide awake and falling asleep where i stand i’m the saint who prays with slit
wrist at midnite for the moonlight for the sunset for the experience of the
sickening decay if i had a reason just to breathe another breathe i wouldn’t
need this phantomous illumination deep inside painful accusations resonating
thru these conversations spoken in the tongue of psychotropic demonized pitiful
acidic catastrophic condescending paranoid delusionary penetrating finalized so
murderous the conversation that i heard between the voices venomous and
complicated somewhat fantasized-
i could be the one to hold and love and uplift u or i could be the one to
devastate disintegrate and move to impale u i feed on the wounds that my manic
episodes do heal or dig further too reveal the degenerative failures inside all
of u i’m f-cking digging in my soul i’m f-cking carving out a hole i’m the
saint who prays with slit wrists at midnite cause i’ve got punctures in my lungs