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lirik lagu sevenr – heaven or hell


[intro: choir]
ahhhhh (yeah)
ahhhhh (yeah)
ahhhhh (yeah)
ahhhhh (yeah)

[verse 1: sevenr]
feeling it, feeling it
on the mic, i’m k!lling it
watch these guys, they spraying it
she said it was an “entanglement”
actions, you were embracing
take those kids to daycare
horror movie, so scared
i feel like i am rare
the way i’m stacking paper could be another layer
i could finish school n be a basketball player
there ‘gon be plaques on the wall i ain’t no faker
before i go to bed i always sing a prayer
[verse 2: sevenr]
this is the intro i ain’t evеn start
remember in еvery situation there’s always 2 parts
i never miss shots i always hit the middle dart
a good dad will always say “remember who you are”

[verse 3: sevenr]
now you like to watch the finish round, finish round
every murder that was aimed in town, got to get hit in the pound
every k!ll that was aimed for the head, got to see till i’m red
now don’t you forget ab me till you see that i’m dead
now i know you got trust issues, trust issues
better one for the bet who all i see
now momma don’t you take care of me
i started this when writings were on white drake 2015
take care of me, i’ll be back when the outro starts in 2019
now i do this for fun, my x era is done
this beat is speeding like how brian did in f&f 1
and y’all can’t get enough
am i going to be around in ten?
most people fall off in two
never get touched by the sun
one day these rappers gon be like my goated young grandsons
plus i’m just a kid from mass with a drake run
making this i was locked in, and by good surroundings
in the dark there’s no lighting
when the intro ends the story starts adding
[interlude: kingxmags]
yeah, one
you dated came into the light, fruit
big up champion sound
cruising the lights of
more like lightspeed
jack more, jack morf
you know we sent the trophy
ready for the lights come back
man, life (life, life)

remember in the hills and the style was more then fit
now we rapping on these long~intro~ins
now we heaven up above, can we get higher then a dove
a kid from the hood said “one plus one” (one)