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lirik lagu seepy – noautoocti


i can’t even use my bare hands, i’m a professional
somebody call the paramedics, this is doctor seepy the mixtape
[?] sucking my c~ck, you f~cking guys are
2famous, 2famous, 2famous

2famous here we go, 2~2famous i look glo
b~tch i love dope, get your ass out on the floor
you can pour, love that, you a boy
nah b~tch you can’t pour like me
2013 playing games at 15
yeah, 2famous that’s my team
really, it’s a f~cking scene
and b~tch i’m on my fast lane
b~tch do your dance
b~tch she from france
watching [?]
pouring, got me snoring
if i lose my mind, pull up bang, kick your door in (bah, bah)
steady poppin and pourin’, my stomach really roarin’
i’m [?] (ciao ciao)
[verse 2]
i could sell everything, if it’s worth it
i could [?] while i slide, and keep on workin’
my name’s that i’m working, if not thеn i’m turning
bro put some curtains, you a snake, you a serpеnt (mommy)
i could really chase a bag, and not no b~tches
i don’t wanna do the split, with the riches
still need a b~tch, that the ~n~l switches (biatch)
i really wake up, (uh) and dress my b~tches
i do what i want, yeah you do what you can
pretty boy i feel like ken
stop, go again, yeah
yeah, stop, go again
ten a miss, start a light
go again
this track is quiz hot



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